“The Man Who Could Not Remain Silent” – The First Croatian Film Awarded the Palme d’Or

The Croatian film “The Man Who Could Not Remain Silent” won the award for Best Short Film, outshining ten nominated films (and more than 4,200 submissions) competing at this year’s 77th Cannes Film Festival!

Thus, the film directed and written by Nebojša Slijepčević became the first Croatian film to be awarded the Palme d’Or since the country’s independence.

“The Man Who Could Not Remain Silent” is a thirteen-minute drama based on a true event – the Štrpci massacre (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 1993, where members of the Army of Republika Srpska kidnapped, tortured, and then executed 19 civilians from a passenger train traveling from Belgrade to Bar. The only one among the five hundred passengers who decided to stand up to them was a retired JNA officer, Tomo Buzov (Goran Bogdan) – the titular man who could not stay silent, who was also killed for his brave act.

Along with Slijepčević, the historical success was also credited to editor Tomislav Stojanović, director of photography Gregor Božić, sound designer Ivan Andreev, producers Katarina Prpić and Danijel Pek (production company Antitalent), and co-producers Boštjan Virc (Studio Virc, Slovenia), Katya Trichkova (Contrast Films, Bulgaria), and Noëlle Lévénez (Les Films Norfolk, France).

In addition to Bogdan, the cast also includes Dragan Mićanović, Silvio Mumelaš, Alexis Manenti, Lara Nekić, Priska Ugrina, Dušan Gojić, Nebojša Pop Tasić, Mijo Pavelko, Martin Kuhar, Jakov Zovko, and Robert Ugrina.

The movie was shot with the support of the Croatian Audiovisual Center. The Croatian premiere will happen on June 18th at the Open Air Cinema Bačvice within The Mediterranean Film Festival Split.


Source: HAVC
May, 2024.