Split Homicide

Genre: Crime/Thriller
The year filming: 2015.-2020.
Shooting location: Split


  • City of Split
Old Town 2 582x383
City of Split



Neda Rahmanian, Lenn Kudrjawizki, Kasem Hoxha, Alexander Jovanovic, Andreas Guenther, Max Herbrechter, Adriana Altaras, Stascha Novak, Emil Perica, Borko Vučević, Lado Trifunović, Pilot Kai, Tomislav Kovačić, Jasmin Gerat.

Director: Michael Kreindl

Konstantin film

Pakt Media



The Croatian crime thriller is an ARD series that revolves around criminal activities in the port city of Split.

The body of Ante Remić, a Homeland War officer, was discovered in the port of Split.

Former football player Goran Trević was found dead, prompting his father, the esteemed president of the Croatian Football Association, to urge Branka to take swift action.

Split Homicide I-II – Filming in Croatia

Branka Marić investigates a double murder during her vacation on the island of Vis.

Just days before the mayoral election in Split, a brutal attack on a controversial candidate occurs.

Split Homicide III-IV – Filming in Croatia

Branka delves into the murder case of 18-year-old Eva Tomić.

Branka investigates the murder of Mladen Ribar, a construction official in Split.

Split Homicide V-VI – Filming in Croatia

The body of a twelve-year-old girl is discovered in the industrial port of Split.

Ira, a Croatian pop star, captivates thousands of fans with her beauty, voice, and songs.

Split Homicide VII-VIII – Filming in Croatia

A fire breaks out at the Blue Beach club in Split on the 9th and 10th.

Split Homicide IX-X – Filming in Croatia

The body of a young man with long black hair, dressed in red, is found on the road, his identity unknown.

At the marina, Stascha’s father celebrates his birthday in the evening, but the morning brings a grim discovery as Stascha finds his cousin Luka’s body on the beach.

Split Homicide XI-XII – Filming in Croatia