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Fortress Klis
Klis Fortress is a medieval fortress on Klis. Built at an altitude of 360 meters above sea level, it played an important role in defending the whole of Dalmatia, especially concerning the Ottomans and their invasions. The Klis fortress is on the list of many visitors, especially as a scene from the popular series Games of Thrones.
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City of Split
Split is the largest city in Dalmatia and the second-largest city in Croatia. It is a desirable tourist destination, known for the Ultra festival, and the most famous symbols are Diocletian’s Palace, Riva, Marjan Forest Park, Bačvice beach…
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Vis is a small island in the open sea, 45 kilometres from the mainland and surrounded by an archipelago of many smaller islands and islets. The main places are Vis and Komiža, the favourite summer destinations of tourists from Croatia and the world.
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Bol is the most famous Croatian tourist destination, located on the southern side of the island of Brač. The most popular sandy beach is the Zlatni Rat. This pebbly horn is about a thousand meters long, and the clear and transparent sea stretches around it.
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City of Solin
The city of Solin, better known as the capital of the former Roman province of Dalmatia, is the most important Croatian archaeological park. Walls with towers and gates, a forum with temples, an amphitheater, and cemeteries with Salonitan martyrs (Monasteries, Kapljuč, Marusinac) are living witnesses of the imposingness of the former Salona.
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City of Trogir
Trogir is the best preserved Romanesque-Gothic city in Central Europe, under the protection of UNESCO. The castle and the tower, surrounded by walls, form the core of Trogir. The most significant cultural monument is the Trogir Cathedral of St. Lovre.
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City of Imotski
Imotski is a town in southern Croatia, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the centre of Imotska Krajina. The most famous sights are the UNESCO geoparks Crveno and Modro Jezero. Modro Jezero turns it into a favourite swimming spot in the summer.
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City of Vrlika
The town of Vrlika is located along the state road D1 Zagreb-Split, 66 km from Split. One of the Cetina River tributaries – Česma – springs up in the city itself. Near the source of Cetina is the old Croatian church of St. Salvation, which has been preserved to this day.
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City of Trilj
Trilj is located in the interior of Dalmatia, along the river Cetina. The most famous inhabitants were the Illyrian Delmatians, and the town got its name from the Tilurium military camp built by the Romans on Gardun, above today’s Trilj.
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City of Omiš
Omiš is a city in Dalmatia, located at the confluence of the Cetina River with the Adriatic Sea. It has existed since ancient times, and in the Middle Ages, successful Omiš pirates used rowing ships. It is the centre of the Omis coast and a famous tourist town.
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Marina is a settlement and harbour on the inner part of Marina Bay, 12 km west of Trogir. The most popular monuments are a quadrangular tower with crowns and the Citadel. Numerous smaller bays with sandy and pebble beaches indent the shores of Marina Bay.
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Sutivan is one of the smallest Croatian towns, located opposite Split on the Brač island. Some of its most interesting monuments are the famous church of St. Ivan from the 6th century, the Marijanović tower from the 17th century, and the remains of the ancient shipwreck.