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Fortress Klis
Klis Fortress is a medieval fortress on Klis. Built at an altitude of 360 meters above sea level, it played an important role in defending the whole of Dalmatia, especially concerning the Ottomans and their invasions. The Klis fortress is on the list of many visitors, especially as a scene from the popular series Games of Thrones.
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City of Imotski
Imotski is a town in southern Croatia, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the centre of Imotska Krajina. The most famous sights are the UNESCO geoparks Crveno and Modro Jezero. Modro Jezero turns it into a favourite swimming spot in the summer.
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City of Vrlika
The town of Vrlika is located along the state road D1 Zagreb-Split, 66 km from Split. One of the Cetina River tributaries – Česma – springs up in the city itself. Near the source of Cetina is the old Croatian church of St. Salvation, which has been preserved to this day.
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City of Trilj
Trilj is located in the interior of Dalmatia, along the river Cetina. The most famous inhabitants were the Illyrian Delmatians, and the town got its name from the Tilurium military camp built by the Romans on Gardun, above today’s Trilj.
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City of Sinj
Sinj town is the centre of the Sinj and Cetina region. It is famous in Croatia and beyond for its traditional knight’s game Sinjska Alka, held in Sinj since the beginning of the 18th century to commemorate the victory over the Ottoman invaders, and for the shrine of Our Lady of Sinj.
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City of Vrgorac
Vrgorac is a small town in Zagora located along the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some of the well-known sites in Vrgorac are the Gradina fortress and the seven Turkish towers. The region is famous for its delicious strawberies.
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Dugopolje is a municipality in Split-Dalmatia county, located under the northern slopes of the Mosor mountain. Its main attractions are: thematic hiking trail Rimska Cesta, Dračanica picnic area, Vranjača cave and the ‘Hidden Dalmatia’ visitor centre.